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Customer since 2008

I work at the headquarters for a large retail organization in downtown Minneapolis and our customers/guests are our most important focus.

I was very impressed with James. He was extremely busy but continued to maintain a high level of customer service; giving me updates along the way sympathizing that he knew I had to wait a number of hours due to how extensive the work was. I will continue to come to this station and refer my friends and family if they are in need.

Thank you for the great experience!


Customer since 2013

James was more than helpful!!! He went above and beyond to help me with my tailights, and when he couldn't solve the issue he made time to get me in tomorrow. Great Service!


Customer since 2013


I was very happy with the work / service on my car. They were honest and advised me of what else needed to be done in the future and the price was fair and much better then going to any dealership I have ever dealt with in the past.

If anyone reads this post I would recommend that you have your car worked on at the BP.